Welcome back, and thanks for being here! Project competition is set for the end of this month. This will be the last progress update before showing you the completely finished home, and we are excited to show you what we’ve been up to during the final stages of this incredible build. 🖤

Starting on the outside, carriage lights from Hinkley’s Foundry Collection have been installed around the exterior of the home.

“The simple, understated form plants a vintage aesthetic for both inside and outside spaces while offering mix and match options that customize the look”

Speaking of lighting, interior lighting fixtures have been installed as well! Thank you, Seattle Lighting, for being our supplier of these gorgeous fixtures. A mix and combination of styles were used to fit this homes eclectic personality.

And not to mention these STUNNING chandeliers added to the foyer, grand staircase, laundry room, media room, kitchen, dining nook, and dining room. Leave it to Seattle Lighting to provide you with the best lighting solutions for any space!

A project isn’t truly complete until you’ve selected and installed hardware on your doors and cabinetry, and thanks to Chown Hardware and Emtek, we had lots of amazing selections to choose from! The detail, texture, and originality of these pieces strike the perfect balance between function and fashion, adding a unique flair to each room.

One of our top contributors, Keller Supply in cooperation with Brizo, took the lead on all things plumbing. They sourced our showers, tubs, and all the fixtures. Luxury doesn’t even begin to describe these bathrooms – the selections they provided from Brizo took these spaces up several notches.

The slim and compact Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning unit pictured below is curtesy of Innovative Home Solutions Northwest. This system is flush with the ceiling, and thanks to the horizontal airflow, air is dispersed evenly with no area left too hot, or too cold. Practical, energy efficient, and virtually unnoticeable, this unit compliments any interior space with its cutting-edge design and performance.

Central vacuum system completed by Hide-A-Hose. With several access points throughout the house, a lightweight hose, lack of power cords, and ready-to-use set up, this system is incredibly versatile and great for any home!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the cutting-edge technologies supplied and installed by Signature Audio + Video. They have been dubbed the premier home theater and automation company servicing our area. They put a beautiful entertainment system in the home equipped with several televisions, built in speakers and surround sound, Brilliant Smart Home system, and more!

Appliances Update: The remaining appliance have been installed in the laundry room, kitchen, and spa areas, and boy are they show stopping.

As we mentioned in the previous update, the laundry room in the 2021 Idea House is much more than just a laundry room. Along with it’s double standing washer & dryer units, hide-away ironing board, and cleaning storage, this space will come fully equipped with multiple crafting stations.

In the center of the room sits a custom designed and handcrafted island with storage baskets, wrapping paper & craft paper spools, and ample countertop space. Under a window next to the island, there is also a crafting desk that can be used for embroidery, alterations, sewing repairs, knitting, or whatever tickles your fancy!

Additionally, this room has an oversized sink with the purpose of including a built in dog washing station next to the doggy bed. Pets are family too, and it is important to incorporate designated spaces for our furry friends.

With a home as extraordinary as this, accent walls were a must. We opted for a blend of painted features, Photowall, and other wall coverings to bring a unique spin to several of the rooms. Thanks to Rodda’s expansive paint collection, we had many bold and exciting colors to choose from. Wall coverings primarily came from Phillip Jefferies, with the exception of the awesome Photowall in the primary suite!


Thank you for following along throughout this build process, we are so excited to show you the finished product. Stay tuned for the next update!

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