As the Fall weather sets in, so does the beauty and color of our surroundings. The beavers have been active reinforcing their homes in anticipation of the rains as we hear the occasional teeth chatter and crash of trees in the distance. Can you find our friend swimming?

We are not much different from the beaver, except we protect our nearby trees. We share in the chatter, just with nail guns and saws as we also prepare to get our roof on during the month of October. Roof structure in-place courtesy of Puget Sound Truss
Our Fall color is blue. We’re excited to share why very soon. Let’s just say this will be a very well sealed and water resistant house, even where the sun doesn’t shine.

Nothing fancy here, but this is a very well thought out job-site. Note the following:

  1. Three seperate recycling bins (i.e., wood, non-wood and compost). From the non-wood we seperate the metals from the the cardboard and plastics, and then the food/compost bin with a lid to keep the crows from spreading garbage.
  2. Chain link security fence.
  3. Job safety protocol OSHA and WISHA requirements.
  4. Posted COVID-19 protocol notifications, requirements and check-in procedures. Hand washing station with pump soap dispensor, and water sprayer for the 50 gallons of fresh water.
  5. Zee Medical safety box with all basic medical supplies and pain relief medicines.
  6. RIGID labelled metal box with fire hydrant, permit, and plans inside.

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