Nothing like 3-Generations of Golden Retrievers in the woods, and in the snow! Reminds us of a certain Builder family we know. That’s Holly Lozier in the middle.

Here we are with our main floor walk-through tour “Pre-Drywall”.

Next week we are calling in for our Insulation and Framing Inspections with the hopes of stocking sheetrock in early March. In the meantime, we are photographing all the interior walls, floors and ceilings, some 500+ shots with a corresponding legend. We also have fans and temporary heat drying the interior of the home as we prepare to moisture test the wood for proper dryness before any insulation goes in.

Mike Weihe, PM, making calls from his desk with a very colorful home behind him, in the making. See Below:
Digital Rendering of our Modern Scandinavian Barn with actual colors, and do note that Yellow front door!
I swear we had these colors chosen before Pantone announced the 2021 colors of the year. Ultimate Gray and Lemon Skin.