Lochwood-Lozier History

The Lozier name and home building can be traced back as far as 1776, when the Lozier family first built a home to sell in Midland, NJ. The name of our company is Lochwood-Lozier, a name that was actually derived from a car called the Lozier Lakewood. The Lozier Lakewood won second place in the first Indianapolis 500.

Todd Lozier’s great-great-uncle, Eugene Drummond, was the site-superintendent for Frank Lloyd Wright. Eugene’s son, William Drummond, went on to work for Frank Lloyd Wright as his lead draftsman.

More recently, the Lozier name goes back three generations to 1958 when the family moved to the Northwest from Omaha, NE.

Lochwood-Lozier Custom Homes, Remodeling & Landscaping LLC | Redmond, WA

Lochwood-Lozier Present

Lochwood-Lozier Custom Homes, Remodeling & Landscaping LLC | Redmond, WA. There’s a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright influence in many of our architectural styles; things like transom windows, low-pitched roofs, big overhangs, and a holistic understanding of your property and the architecture. This results in very harmonious designs; the land becomes one with the house, every house is custom-designed for the site, and the house just looks like it’s been made to fit on that lot.

We’re offering custom homes, and very close, tight-knit relationships. We have painters, framers, landscapers, laborers, and we have our own equipment. Instead of subcontracting 99 to 100% of our work, we’re subcontracting 80%. Being able to take ownership of that 20% is pretty unique, in the sense that it gives us control over costs, quality, and scheduling and translates directly into cost savings.

We cater to our customers. If they don’t know what they need or are looking for, we’re going to educate them on what their options are. We have an amazing architectural community in the Seattle area to draw from and help provide direction.

For any custom build, we like to meet with our client once every week. Many contractors prefer to meet just once a month, and in our minds, that’s just not enough. We want our client to be very involved in the process and have fun.

Our primary business is constructing custom homes, but we also have an established remodel division and a landscaping company. We primarily build on the Greater Eastside of Seattle, but we’ve also done some great projects in Seattle and built second homes east of the Cascade Mountains.

Community Involvement

President, Todd Lozier, has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and gives his time to his family church here in Bellevue. He has participated for several years in the Clyde Hill Elementary School Auction. He is also a proud sponsor of Clyde Hill Days.

Other Lochwood-Lozier team members have participated in and/or sponsored affiliations such as: CASA, Walk MS, neighborhood schools, and other local non-profit organizations.


Street of Dreams

Best Architectural Design The Patrician Realtors®
Best Value The Patrician Realtors®
Best Craftsmanship Huntington House SMBA
Best Curb Appeal Huntington House Realtors®
Best Landscaping The Carrera Realtors®
Best Master Suite The Carrera The Public
Best Home of the Show Huntington House SMBA
Best Kitchen The Carrera The Public

Gold & Silver M.A.M.E

Best Design – Detached Home Meadowview Park
Best Design – Detached Home The Palentino
Best Interior – Merchandising The Carrera at Montreux
Best Kitchen Design Mira Mesa at The Terrace
Best Custom One Lakehurst Lane

Member Institute of Residential Marketing

Excellence for Puget Sound Region Best Company Brochure Residential Marketing & Builder Magazine
Excellence for Puget Sound Region Best Direct Mail Piece Residential Marketing & Builder Magazine

2004 Quality Street Showcase of Homes

Winner Best Architectural Design


Lochwood-Lozier Custom Homes, Remodeling & Landscaping LLC

Dear Todd, we are truly blessed to live in this beautiful home and will always be grateful to you, your family and the Lochwood-Lozier team for making it happen.

Yarrow Point

Lochwood-Lozier Custom Homes, Remodeling & Landscaping LLC

Lochwood-Lozier is an exceptional builder and offers it’s clients the best of class in variety, quality, style, pricing and customer service.

Cal & Glenda


We had Lochwood-Lozier build our dream home, and we have very much enjoyed the quality and the experience. We are now moving out of state and unfortunately Lochwood-Lozier does not build there. During the selling of our home, we had a small issue that the Buyer’s inspector came up with. I called Todd Lozier for some advice and a referral. Much to our surprise and delight, two carpenters showed up on short notice and they resolved the issue with no charge and a smile. I would definitely recommend Lochwood-Lozier for anyone seeking a custom home in the Pacific Northwest.

Leonard & Mimi

Lochwood-Lozier Custom Homes, Remodeling & Landscaping LLC

Dear Todd, we especially want to thank you for all your patience , wisdom and creativity during this past year. It was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to build a home with a company that exemplifies integrity and professionalism from the start to finish. For the first time, we can honestly say we had fun building our home. Your commitment to quality, passion for excellence and timeless vision are all the reasons why we would build a Lochwood-Lozier home again.

Lisa & Craig