And we’re back with another update! The last 2 weeks at the 2021 NW Idea House have been busy. Several new additions have been made and there are many more just on the horizon. We cannot wait to see the finished product!

Though the majority of recent changes have been to the structure and interior of the home, we are excited to be starting the process of landscape planning and invasive plant removal. As we begin to lay out the land, we intend to incorporate as many native plant species as possible so that our friends like Bambi here still feel welcome and at home.

Deer spotted in backyard

On the exterior of the home, we have installed black aluminum gutters from Pacific Star Gutters. Their S-Line gutters are hung with hidden hangers that are not only more appealing to look at, but also add strength to the gutter system.

Surrounding the upper deck, we’ve chosen a black cable railing from Northwest Natural Railing. Built to last with little to no maintenance, these cable systems are a great way to add a stunning, contemporary feel to your home!

Gutters, railing, balcony, and siding
S-Line Gutters in black from Pacific Star Gutters
Cable Railing in black from Northwest Natural Railing

Moving inside, we see the new trim framing on the windows and doors. Each finish gets us one step closer to the final vison. Thank you, Voiss Wood Products and Lynden Door, for providing all the millwork!

Window trim

Bellmont Cabinet Co. supplied substantial cabinetry throughout the whole house. In our kitchen, the house features lowers from Bellmont’s VERO Series and in the library upstairs, we chose desk cabinets from the 1600 Series.

One of our biggest feats over the last couple weeks was the installation of the hardwood flooring. A beautiful white oak floor from Castle Bespoke was chosen, and we are absolutely in love with it. Check out this video from Mike to learn more about the specific panels we selected and why we picked them.

Thank you for the breakdown, Mike!

Take a peak below for an up close look at these gorgeous floors.

White oak hardwood flooring
Paradise Matte UV engineered planks from the Mainstreet Collection

There is still a lot of work left, and we will be sure to share the journey with you all. We look forward to finishing the house this fall! 

Upcoming projects and installs include: exterior lighting, hanging of interior doors, countertop slabs, channel lighting, and much more! Stay tuned for our next update.