Hello, and welcome back to another Northwest Idea House update!

Things have been incredibly busy at the 2021 Northwest Idea House. Every week, ever day, our cul-de-saq is jam packed with cars, trucks, and people coming to work this project. A lot of progress has been made in the last few weeks, and we’re here to walk you through it!


The newly added solid wood beams in the laundry room and one of the upstairs bedrooms adds dimensional texture and compliments the high ceilings. Castle Bespoke crafted the beams to match the gorgeous white oak hardwood flooring throughout the home. These kinds of finishing touches make the Scandinavian architecture more apparent.

Also in the laundry room, we’ve installed a lovely set of cabinetry- thank you Bellmont Cabinet Co.!

Scrivanich has done an incredible job with all of the slab work around the Idea House. In the Master Bathroom, they’ve covered 50% of all wall space with a gorgeous Calacatta Gold marble slab from Statements Tile. Check out the time-lapse video below to see their method to the madness!

Along with wall slabs came another gorgeous set of cabinetry from Bellmont Cabinet Co. We love their wide variety of selections, endless versatility, and are so thankful for their contributions to the Idea House!


Brookfield Stairs has been hard at work installing our floating staircase. Innovative stair and rail systems are at the heart of what drives Brookfield Stairs to be great, and boy are they good at what they do! Stay tuned for a fun time-lapse video showcasing their precise process.

Along with the ceiling beams, the stair treads were custom made by Castle Bespoke to match the Paradise Matte UV engineered hardwood planks used throughout the Idea House.

Downstairs in the kitchen, we have another amazing install by the Scrivanich team. While the perimeter cabinets are slabbed with the Silestone Loft Series Camden Suede from Cosentino, the island, bar, and buffet cabinets will all be topped with Silestone’s Eternal Calacatta Gold. Fancy fancy! 🌟


The Exercise Room’s rubber tiling from E-Core Athletic has been laid. Next step, wall mirrors and exercise equipment!

Down the hall in the Music Room, we have painted an accent wall a dark gray from Sherwin Williams in preparation for the Kuvio Dimmensional Wall Tiles from Lumicor. The dark painted wall will help disguise and eliminate any glaring gaps in between panels.

Not bad for a beginner!

After the paint dried, the tiles went up! We chose the Peak Tiles and have arranged them in the Star pattern.

Lumicor Kuvio Peak Tiles – Star

One of the many luxuries the Idea House has to offer is it’s array of outdoor living spaces. We have been blessed enough to work with LUWA Luxury Products on the upper patio outside of what will be the Great Room. A couple weeks back, they came out to begin the install of our Hestan 8′ Outdoor Living Suite and deliver the Kindred Kulm Fire Bowl. Sitting on this patio is going to be absolute paradise!

β€œAt Luwa, we care most about providing the highest level of service and products to our clients of the past, present and future.”

– Chris and Sheri Walsh, CEO and VP Operations

With a property this big, it is imperative that we include easy access and navigation to different areas of the Idea House. On one side of the house, our landscape crew installed these gorgeous Irregular Steps provided by Castohn.

Castohn specializes in manufacturing high-quality cast architectural elements to produce unique outdoor living experiences in the PNW, and their product fits in perfectly with this Scandinavian Barn architectural styling.

Check out the first series of Idea House trail camera footage:
Over the 4th of July weekend, we installed trail cams to get a glimpse of what happens on the Idea House property when no one is around. Our first guests did not disappoint; two fawns came to say hello!


Garage floor epoxy, driveway pouring, closet installs, fireplace slab, millwork completion (currently at 80%), and cabinetry and door hardware.

Thanks for checking in!

And as always, stay tuned for the next series of updates! We can’t wait to show you more 😊