We continue to marvel at the classic NW landscape that surrounds this home as it rises with an almost treefort like feel. Today we’d like to identify the blue sheathing, and first off note that along with all the other manufactured wood components in this house, the sheathing had to meet our requirement of being Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) certified. See https://www.forests.org/

WeatherLogic panels installs just like regular plywood, just put the blue side to the elements. It’s all about what we do under the finishes (e.g., siding, drywall, etc.), and when it comes to the exterior, it’s all about keeping water, moisture and wind out. Especially nice during the vulnerable time period between framing and siding install when it often times rains, rains, and rains… Learn more see: https://lpcorp.com/products/panels-sheathing/air-water-barrier?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzYW-4YzO7AIVchatBh3hHgDfEAAYASAAEgKmF_D_BwE
Although in a NW wetland forest like setting, this home gets drenched with sun during the day with the direct southern exposure. This photo taken on a late October afternoon.
With special permission from King County our Arborist asked us to fall a couple trees for the health of others, and with the intent of letting them lay where they land (creates a fun bridge for kids and wildlife). Then replacement tree planting will go in at more appropriate locations this winter during dormancy.
Fall colors working their way out, and peek-a-boo at the fabulous outdoor living space to come.
Stamped “Certified Sourcing” https://www.forests.org/

Available in 4×8, 4×9 and 4×10 sheets.
Final step is taping the seams of the Weatherlogic panels, before siders start.
Jose Ibarra and Kelly Lalonde with Louisiana-Pacific proudly representing and inspecting early on in the process.