Bill Walker

Bill Walker

Senior Carpenter

Meet Bill Walker! With over four decades of experience in the carpentry industry, Bill brings a wealth of expertise and a diverse skill set to our team. Born and raised in Kirkland, Bill's roots run deep in our community, and his dedication to his craft is unmatched. As a master carpenter, Bill's talents extend across a wide range of projects, from intricate woodworking to structural renovations. His extensive tool kit is a testament to his commitment to quality and precision in every job he undertakes. Beyond his professional prowess, Bill is known for his earnest demeanor and sage advice. As a family man, he understands the importance of building strong relationships, both with his coworkers and clients alike. His colleagues value his wisdom and reliability, often turning to him for guidance on challenging projects. Whether he's crafting custom furniture or tackling large-scale construction projects, Bill's passion for carpentry shines through in every task he undertakes. His dedication to his craft make him an invaluable asset to our team!

“The attention to detail is unbelievable- they have a team that is able to design and build beautiful homes. They are always looking at new idea's and cutting edge products. You will never go wrong having them build your home!”

Ann - Redmond