Jennifer Hendrix

Jennifer Hendrix

Project Manager & Designer

Meet Jennifer, a seasoned professional with a knack for turning spaces into works of art. Originally hailing from the beautiful shores of Hawaii, Jennifer's journey led her to the vibrant city of Seattle over a decade ago. Drawing from her years of experience managing luxury concierge departments in Maui, Jennifer brings a unique perspective to her role. As a key member of our team, she leads clients through pre-construction services, providing invaluable guidance and expertise. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating spaces that are both functional and inspiring, she transforms ideas into reality. In addition to her design prowess, Jennifer plays a crucial role as the Todd Lozier's operation support. This position gives her insight into all aspects of the business, allowing her to contribute in meaningful ways beyond her design responsibilities. She's also the go-to person for ongoing construction support, ensuring that remodel and renovation projects stay on track and exceed expectations!

Beyond her professional skills, Jennifer brings joy into the workplace and spreads positivity wherever she goes. Her infectious enthusiasm and warm demeanor uplift those around her, making her a beloved colleague and a pleasure to work with.

“Working with Jennifer to remodel our bathrooms was so wonderful! We're both really excited to work with her again to remodel the rest of our house! ”

Bradley & Rebecca - Newcastle