John Ciopasiu

John Ciopasiu

Lead Landscape Designer

Born and raised on a Transylvanian Alps farm, John Ciopasiu is a seasoned Landscape Designer with a Master's in Horticulture. John worked for Lochwood Lozier in the late 90’s and has since returned to lead our Triscape Landscape team! In his time away, John traveled to Europe, where he oversaw the landscape designs for the city of Bucharest and focused on raising his daughters.

Beyond the world of landscape design, John is a globetrotter, exploring over 45 European countries with his family, enriching his global perspective. He sees plants not just as his work but as an extended family, emphasizing their living, breathing, and social qualities. His philosophy, "They exhale for us so that we can inhale them to stay alive. Love them with every breath we take," underscores his ecological mindfulness.

Because of John, our Landscape Department is led by a seasoned professional whose journey from the Transylvanian Alps to Europe and back to the U.S. infuses his designs with international flair. With a deep love for plants and a unique aesthetic shaped by diverse landscapes, John ensures that each project is a masterpiece of genuine artistry.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is NOW’’

"Great business partner. The Lochwood Lozier team is a group of trusted professionals that are great at what they do, They network with key suppliers to bring the best quality, value, and environmental stewardship to their clients."

Terry - Bellevue

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