Keith Bruehl

Keith Bruehl

Project Manager

Keith is a dedicated professional with a passion for construction. He started his career as a tradesman in carpentry, honing his skills and mastering the craft. With his exceptional work ethic and attention to detail, Keith quickly rose through the ranks and assumed the role of Project Manager at Lochwood Lozier.

Since first joining the company in 2014, Keith has been instrumental in the successful completion of numerous projects. His expertise lies in handling complex remodels, where he excels in coordinating teams and ensuring seamless execution from start to finish. Keith's ability to navigate intricate design requirements and deliver outstanding results has earned him a stellar reputation among clients and colleagues alike. His unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has been a driving force behind his continued success.

Originally from the East Coast, Keith made his way to the PNW in 1994. When he is not hard at work, Keith enjoys traveling - especially to Hawaii where he can kick back and relax on the beach.

“It was astonishing how fast they built that beautiful ramp! They worked so hard, all people volunteering their Saturday. They were good-natured and so kind. Thanks to Todd, Eddie, Colin, Keith, Bill and all the others for their amazing work. The cleanup was very thorough. The ramp changes my life! I am eternally grateful.”

Lesley - Rampathon 2023

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