Mike Weihe

Mike Weihe

Senior Project Manager

Mike Weihe is a certified Project Manager, problem solver, and team leader. Over 20 years ago Mike began his career with Lochwood-Lozier, and because of the company’s unique blend of family values and advanced systems, he intends to stay until retirement. Mike’s extensive experience in keeping projects on schedule and completing them in a timely manner sets him apart in this fast-paced industry. Mike is so personable and well-liked by his clients, that it is not uncommon for them to come back 10 years after completing their first home build with Mike, and ask for another, under the condition that Mike will be their Project Manager again. His ability to move a client’s ideas, dreams, and vision to fruition have led him to great success. Mike’s hobbies include camping, dirt biking, and quality time with his family.

"Mike, our project manager, really cared about the craftsmanship that went into building our home. He is creative, listens to our ideas, and problem solves with the best of them. And Mike has an uncanny ability to figure out how to get things done--even some of our crazier ideas (like our play gym!)."

Tom - Kirkland