Todd Lozier

Todd Lozier


Todd has been passionate about architecture, photography, design, and art from a very young age. After designing his first home 1976 at the age 8 (plan hangs prominently on his office wall), he continued to excel in artistry, sketching, and technical drafting through High School. Todd submitted for and had a painting and photography featured at the Bellevue Art & Crafts show at the ages of 14 and 16. Moving onto the School of Architecture at the UW, Todd graduated in 1993 all while working 30 hours a week for Lochwood-Lozier, and representing the Master Builder Association as class President during his last two years. Todd comes from multiple generations of Architects including William Drummond who was Frank Lloyd Wrights Chief Architect and went on to become one of the top 5 world renowned premier prairie architects in the early 1900’s, and was chosen as one of 3 architects for consideration to re-design the nations’ capital in the 1950’s. Todd’s mom is lifelong artist and art teacher with pieces hanging in their offices, and his dad an amazing technical drafter who designed well over 250 homes in his career. Design is an overwhelming passion for Todd, hence this amazing and creative team he has built.

"Todd is very approachable and heard our concerns whenever the inevitable problems that are to be expected with any construction project came up. He always made things right for us--this is perhaps the thing that most stands out for us, besides the quality of the work of, course. Todd and his employees really care that we're happy in our home, and we can definitively say that we are.”

Tom & Julie - Kirkland