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2021 NW Idea House Update #12

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It’s high time we start introducing some of our Build Partners in this process of working with the best of the best. Including special mention of our three charity recipient partners. See if you can

2021 NW Idea House Update #11

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Next week we are calling in for our Insulation and Framing Inspections with the hopes of stocking sheetrock in early March. In the meantime, we are photographing all the interior walls, floors and ceilings

2021 NW Idea House Update #10

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In this update we have a video tour of the upper level at framing stage, and images of the different phases of pouring the garage. We also take the opportunity to honor some of the great people and compani

2021 NW Idea House Update #9

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Making progress, and so many new Ideas to share. Here’s a tickler… Windows Doors & More (WD&M) has been a tremendous partner of ours for years and years. Pictured here Todd Lozier, Todd

2021 NW Idea House Update #8

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We continue to marvel at the classic NW landscape that surrounds this home as it rises with an almost treefort like feel. Today we’d like to identify the blue sheathing, and first off note that along

2021 NW Idea House Update #7

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Nothing fancy here, but this is a very well thought out job-site. Note the following: Three separate recycling bins (i.e., wood, non-wood and compost). From the non-wood we separate the metals from the the