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Redmond Custom: Project Progress

/ Betsy Walker

When we started this project in August, the site was undeveloped. The adventure of building a custom home from the ground up is a very detailed process with many many different steps and stages. Follow alo

The Care and Keeping of Hardwood

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When life gets messy, you need floors that are easy to clean. There are many types of wood floors, but they all share the same basic needs: removing grit promptly, frequent cleaning, and recoating or spot-

Clyde Hill Renovation

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One of the many services we offer at Lochwood-Lozier is extensive remodels and renovations. When this client came to us and said they wanted to give their home an update, we were thrilled and excited to he

Where We Build

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Design Building on the Eastside of Seattle for 3 Generations Lochwood-Lozier Custom Homes Lochwood-Lozier builds custom homes with unlimited possibilities on land that you love. If you don’t have propert

7 Design Trends Emerging in 2022

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While design trends come and go, and they can be difficult to predict, we are here to share our insights on what we believe 2022 will bring to the table. Biophilia & Biomimicry in Design What is biophi


/ Betsy Walker

Welcome back, and thanks for being here! Project competition is set for the end of this month. This will be the last progress update before showing you the completely finished home, and we are excited to s